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Jeep & Blazer, L.L.C., is an Illinois based firm whose expertise in environmental law and litigation is nationally recognized.  As known leaders in environmental litigation and land use issues, the lawyers at Jeep & Blazer also regularly litigate complex business, corporate law, energy, finance and other cases.  Firm members have had working experience in companies whose existence depended upon the early identification and team solution of environmental and land use problems. We have worked within corporate and government bureaucracies, and know that success requires attention to the perspectives of many departments and personalities. We represent a wide range of industries and other entities, and we are involved in a broad scope of legal issues.  This allows us to advance and preserve expertise in cutting edge issues.




We pride ourselves on being problem-solvers. The solutions we propose are always sensitive to our clients' time and resource needs. We have handled countless matters for our municipal clients that represent the gamut of environmental and land use issues facing local governments today, including brownfield development, environmental enforcement, environmental liability, local code drafting and enforcement, pollution control facility siting, and zoning and building code compliance. Our focus is to work efficiently and effectively on every case to secure the outcome that best serves our clients' interests.

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“We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realize them! 

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